5 Financial Steps 💰 I Took Before I Quit Corporate [Podcast]

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In this week’s HIROBYTES Podcast, I talked about 5 financial steps I took before I quit my corporate job and pursued self-employment full-time.

I made this decision for many reasons:

  1. I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere with my full-time job (towards my career goals)
  2. I had discovered the power of Passive Income
  3. I found a bunch of jobs I love doing (Technical Writing, Teaching, Content Creation, etc.)
  4. I had saved enough money to live off for a few years
  5. I have chronic illnesses and disabilities that need attention

But before I could take a the leap, I had to make sure I set up multiple layers of financial insurance so even if I “failed” and made no money, I would be ok for a while.

In this episode, I explored 5 different steps I took before I made the ultimate leap in June.

You can find more episodes on our Podcast page, or by visiting Anchor.

Hiro is Founder/CEO of 24 Villages and a Technical Instructor at LinkedIn Learning. She writes to introduce Cloud Computing and AWS to beginners at Intro to AWS and various client blogs.

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