About Village Gossip

Village Gossip is a blog focusing on Tech, Entrepreneurship, and all the goings-ons at 24 Villages, run by Hiro (@hirokonishimura). You can see her profile at her personal website, hiroko.io.

Hiro is the CEO of 24 Villages, LLC., an edTech consulting and technical writing company. In 2018, she founded AWS Newbies to break down Cloud Computing and AWS for beginners, and teaches “Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineer” courses at LinkedIn Learning. You can find all of her AWS/Cloud Computing related resources at Intro to AWS!

This blog will follow her journey as a brand-new business owner, and share resources and tips along the way as she learns them so you too can begin your freelancing, self-employment, or CEO life!

Looking for a writer? Check out Hiro’s Writing Portfolio and consider hiring her to write for you! 😊

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There may be links on this blog which are affiliate links. This means that by you clicking on the links or signing up to the product or website, I may get a small commission. Not all links generate a commission, and I only provide links to products and services that I use and think will be beneficial for my visitors.

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